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Dr. David Schulz

What do you enjoy about being a veterinarian?


“Successfully helping someone with their animal. First, you have to understand the medicine and the healing processes. You have to be able to work with people and their emotional and financial constraints and, most importantly, the physical and mental well-being of the patient. Then, you put it all together and come up with the best possible outcome you can have. The ultimate reward is helping an animal and its owner. That’s why we do it.”


- Dr. Dave Schulz


Dr. Schulz began his career as an accountant, but after working at a financial firm for a year he decided to go back to school. He had always been interested in science and enjoyed being around animals, so he applied for veterinary school and earned his D.V.M. from Washington State University in 1988. Dr. Schulz worked at a clinic in Tacoma, Washington, before moving back to his home state of Idaho, where he began working at the Vista Animal Hospital. He purchased the clinic in 1991. Dr. Schulz’s interests include surgery, orthopedics, and wound management.


Throughout his career, Dr. Schulz has served as the president of the Boise Academy of Veterinarians, the Idaho Veterinary Medical Association, and the Idaho State Board of Veterinary Medicine. He recently served on the admissions committee for Idaho applicants for the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2015, Dr. Schulz was named Veterinarian of the Year by the Idaho Veterinary Medical Association for his contributions to the profession.


Dr. Schulz lives in Boise with his wife and their pack of miniature Australian shepherds, a German Shorthair, a Dachshund, and two cats.  He has three grown children. In his free time, Dr. Schulz enjoys spending time in the mountains. He can often be found hiking, backpacking, biking, hunting, fishing, or practicing his swing at the golf course.


Professional Associations


American Veterinary Medical Association

Idaho Veterinary Medical Association

American Association of Feline Practitioners

Society of Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgeons

Veterinary Orthopedic Society


Dr. Bev Schoeberl

What do you enjoy about being a veterinarian?


"Pets are such an important part of people's lives, and I love working to promote their well-being. It's not a small thing to be entrusted with an animal's care, and I get that people want their animals to live comfortably but not be oversold on medications and treatments.  I truly enjoy being a Veterinarian."


- Dr. Bev Schoeberl


Before becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Schoeberl earned a B.S. in Biology at the University of Oregon. She worked for 2 years as a hydrologist for the USGS, which included spending time at marine fisheries. After this experience, Dr. Schoeberl decided to pursue a career involving animals, and she earned a D.V.M. from Oregon State University in 1997. She completed a veterinary internship in Sacramento, California, before joining the Vista Animal Hospital team in 1998. Dr. Schoeberl enjoys figuring out complex cases, and her interests include internal medicine, acupuncture, and ultrasound.


Dr. Schoeberl lives in Boise with her two sons, two dogs, and a cat. When she’s not working, Dr. Shoeberl enjoys being outdoors. She likes to spend her free time gardening, biking, and camping.


Professional Associations


American Veterinary Medical Association

Idaho Veterinary Medical Association




Veterinary Acupuncture (Colorado State University)

Chinese Herbal Medicine (Chi Institute of Chinese Veterinary Medicine)

Dr. Heather Wright

Why did you become a veterinarian?


“I went the veterinary route because I’ve witnessed the human-animal bond, especially with my own animals. My golden retriever has been such a huge part of my life, and I want to help other people have that same bond and strength with their animals.”


- Dr. Heather Wright

Dr. Wright began working at the Vista Animal Hospital while studying biology as an undergraduate at Boise State University.  After earning a D.V.M. from Washington State University, she re-joined the Vista team as a veterinarian in May 2015. Dr. Wright grew up in rural Idaho with horses, dogs, and rabbits, and she has always felt a strong connection with animals. Growing up, she participated in 4-H, and during college she volunteered with a program that teaches kids about horse care and riding. Dr. Wright’s interests include internal medicine, oncology, dentistry, and soft-tissue surgery.


Dr. Wright lives in Boise with her husband and their Smooth Collie and two Pomeranians. She loves spending time outdoors, particularly when she’s camping, hiking, biking, and riding horses. She also believes in the importance of giving back to the community and enjoys volunteering with local organizations in her spare time.


Professional Organizations


American Veterinary Medical Association

Idaho Veterinary Medical Association


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